Burke's Blog - Disdaining the Cardinals

By Burke Griffin | burke.griffin@wearegreenbay.com

Published 10/16 2013 11:04PM

Updated 10/16 2013 11:29PM

        I've been away from the blog since the start of what we call "Packer season" in these parts, but from time to time I will be chiming in.  With both of the MLB Championship series in full swing, I need to vent how much I can't really stand the St. Louis Cardinals.  They say that in journalism you're supposed to be objective, but the fact of the matter is...if you grew up watching and loving sports...you have your favorite teams growing up, and then the ones you hate.  Wait. I mean don’t "like".  As a parent we are always reminded to tell our children not to hate, so I will use the word DISDAIN for now.

        It all started when I was 10 years old.  The Brewers were on top of the world in 1982, and after somehow making it to the World Series for the first (and only) time, my True Blue Brew Crew were getting set to face the Cardinals.  I can still name Milwaukee's starting lineup and pitching staff from that season, yet can barely remember who started on the Packers defense two years ago.  Or who was the Bucks leading scorer last season.   The Brewers beat the Angels in the ALCS, and now it was time to win it all against a team from St. Louis that I really didn't know anything about.   And how could I?  They were from the unknown National League and thats where the Cubs were from, so just how good could they be?  The Cardinals actually had a pitcher named "Walking Underwear", which seemed super funny to a bunch of 5th graders.  But Joaquin Andujar would go on to have the last laugh and become one of those villainous figures in Wisconsin sports history, much on the same level as the "Fridge", Bears DL William Perry.  The Cardinals ended up winning game 7 of the World Series and many a young Brewer fans hearts were broken.  

    By the numbers,  The Cardinals are about the equivalent to the Green Bay Packers.  They have won 11 World Series titles in their history, with three of those since 1967.  St. Louis was consistently good during the 1960's, much like Lombardi's Packers.  And they are one of the oldest franchises in baseball,  with success from the 1920's all the way through WWII and beyond.  They've been around for a long time and have been more than good for the most part.  The Cardinals also have a die-hard fan base that consistently ranks at or near the top in attendance every season, and they do so as a Midwestern town with one of the smaller population bases in baseball.    And then there is that attitude.  The one that comes off as:  self-righteous, holier-than-thou, we do things the "right" way all the time, our food and beer is better, and it's simply just owed to us......that we are the greatest.   For those of you who can't fathom the fact that there are actually football fans who dislike the Packers, it was explained to me like this by an avid Cardinals (and Bears) fan.  The biggest reason that St. Louis is annoying, is that they truly believe they are going to win it all, EVERY year. And for the most part they make every effort to do so.  Plus they always seem to be in the playoff hunt, if not in the postseason.  They really do think they are going to win every single time they step on the field.  Which has been instilled in Packer fans and throughout their entire organization.  That’s not a bad thing, although today was the first time in more than a year that I rooted for former Brewer pitcher Zack Greinke.     


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