ESPN Report: Braun could be suspened after All-Star break

Published 07/09 2013 05:20PM

Updated 07/09 2013 05:33PM

ESPN reported Tuesday afternoon that Ryan Braun hasn't cooperated with an MLB investigation, and a suspension could be immenent.

The report states that Braun refused to answer questions when meeting with MLB investigators last month about his involvement with Biogenesis, a Miami-based clinic which has allegedly supplied players with performance-enhancing drugs.

Accoring to the report, Braun, Alex Rodriguez, and as many as 20 other players are expected to be suspended as soon as after next week's all-star break. 

MLB could pursue as much as a 100-game suspension for Braun, claiming multiple violations of the league's PED policy. 

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel quoted an MLB spokesperson who called the ESPN report "premature" and that no decision has been made as of yet.

Braun refused comment to reporters via a team spokesperson on Tuesday evening.  The Brewers left-fielder is returning to the starting lineup for the first time in a month as Milwaukee takes on the Cincinnati Reds Tuesday night at Miller Park.

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