Gomez Twins Double Trouble for Green Bay Swimming

By Ryan Rodig | ryan.rodig@wearegreenbay.com

Published 02/13 2014 10:42PM

Updated 02/13 2014 11:09PM

(WFRV-TV) - Just because you're identical twins, doesn't mean you agree on everything.

Green Bay Phoenix sophomore swimmers Anna and Emily Gomez are proof of that.  As a matter of fact, they don't agree on much.  As a matter of fact, after graduating from Burlington High School they say they didn't have the goal of going to the same college.  Still, both verbally committed to swim at Eastern Illinois University, before visiting Green Bay's campus and eventually deciding to both attend school there instead.

But from an early age Green Bay sophomore swimmers Anna and Emily Gomez agreed the pool was where they wanted to be even if it took some work to get to the division one level.

"Actually we failed swim lessons," Anna recalls.

But they spent most of their days during the summer at the community pool and by the time they were freshman in high school college coaches were already telling them they had what it took to compete at the next level. 

Phoenix Head Swimming and Diving Coach Jim Merner said he saw the potential in the Gomez sisters, and now that they are getting stronger in the weight room, they are reaching their potential.  Merner says he's had brother and sister twins on the teams before, but this is a little different.

"They're identical," said Merner.  "It took me awhile, i truly did.  I'm glad that they wear different suits.  I'm glad that they swim different events."

Emily, the older sister by five minutes, competes in individual medley and backstroke events while Anna is a distance swimmer.  Together they have combined for 24 top-3 finishes this season heading into the Horizon League Meet in less than two weeks.

"I really like having my sister here because we compliment each other," says Emily.  "With my swimming I do all stroke events and my sister does all free-style events."

I like to think if we put each other together, we're like a monster swimmer," she adds with a laugh.

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