James Jones Looks to Duplicate '12 Successes

Published 08/05 2013 06:38PM

Updated 08/05 2013 06:39PM

James Jones is entering his 7th year in the league. By that point, a lot of veterans dread training camp and just "go thru the motions".... not James Jones.


"I approach it like a rookie. I tell myself I'm a rookie, I gotta go out there and grind like a rookie. So I still feel young, I do feel like I'm one of the leaders on this team, I do feel like I have to step into that role, but still feel young, just going out there having fun, making sure I teach and help the young guys."


Help the young guys - another thing you don't see often. Jones looks at the incoming players not as competition but as assets to the team.


"The balls still going to get spread around. We still got a great offensive unit, there's really no #1, #2, #3 receiver. Me, Randall and Jordy, Boykin, Jeremy -  we all got opportunities to have a great year."


"James Jones and my son were friends coming out of college. One went to San Jose State, the other went to Stanford and I was coaching at the time so I scouted James when he was coming out.  So I knew about him and he's always been a very self-less player," former Packer receiver and Hall of Famer James Lofton said.


Last year Jones quietly lead the league in touchdown receptions with 14. Quietly... his name was rarely uttered in the national media.


"When you think about the receivers in this league, that's a big task and he was able to do that and have a lot of success last year. I don't know why he doesn't get the respect, but I think that's something that fuels him and drives him," Randall Cobb said.


Jones recorded 784 yards last season, averaging 12. 3 yards a catch. The most amazing stat --- Jones had 64 receptions -- so he was scoring on about 1 of every 4 catches.


"The catches I came up with last year - it's going to be tough to put an encore on, but I am ready.  And yeah man, right now confidence is sky high, I feel like I can really make any play when the balls coming my way," Jones said.



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