Burkes Blog 8/20

Published 08/20 2012 11:13PM

Updated 08/20 2012 11:22PM

 Mondays practice had more players, more plays, and more of everything.  Sounds like a TV sports promo right?  Well, Mike McCarthy had to be happy that most of his key players were back on the field for the second straight day.   Practice was a little bit longer than those of the past week or so,  for good reason and purpose.  There are just four more training camp sessions before the last preseason game, and only Tuesdays practice prior to the "pivotal"  3rd preseason game on the road in Cincinnati Thursday night.  McCarthy said that the starters will likely play for the first half and he will use a few different personnel groups. 


He also added:


"Statistically speaking this is the healthiest we've been in quite some time. And I think our practices the past two days have reflected that, the tempo has been outstanding, the quality of work I think has picked up, so and I'm sure that's for a number of different reasons, but yes we're getting healthier.


Other notable comments in the lockerroom:


Aaron Rodgers defending any recent criticism of Graham Harrell as his backup. 


"Well I hope he plays really well.I think he's been doing a good job and probably unfairly taking some harsh critisism at times. I don't think anybody in this lockeroom or coaching staff is worried about Graham or doesn't have confidence in Graham.Its the preseason some stuff can happen at times to make it difficult to be successful.That unit 's gotta play better though. Up front they have not played very well and at the skill position there's been some poor play as well so you gotta have guys around you making plays and he's gotta do a better job position playing and he's gotta do a better job decision making and making throws that he knows he can make."

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