Despite a Football Hiatus, Goodson Good Enough to Make it to the NFL

By Leslie Spoon

Published 07/22 2014 07:06PM

Updated 07/22 2014 07:11PM

Demetri Goodson is famous for his buzzer beater against Western Kentucky in the 2009 NCAA Tournament. The point guard played three years of basketball at Gonzaga. starting 68 of 69 games over his final two seasons, but Goodson realized he'd have a better future in football.

"I feel like I have the talent to play in the league, but my size you know?," Goodson said.

So Goodson weighed the options of making the switch to football. He says he prayed on it for weeks and then his answer came.

"One morning I woke up and it was like do it, so and I just went with it and never really looked back".

Goodson had stopped playing football his sophomore year of high school, so you can imagine his coaches surprise when he informed him he was quitting basketball.

"He was like what? He was like 'you're going to play football?' He kinda laughed a little bit," Goodson explained.

Goodson transfered to Baylor. While most players making the switch from basketball to football play tight end, receiver or running back, Goodson is a cornerback.

"I've always been a kind of a hard-nosed guy. I like to hit and stuff like that so I feel like I'm one of a kind kind... definitely blessed for sure".

Because Gonzaga doesn't have a football program, Goodson had two years of eligibility. However his first season with the bears was cut short by and ankle injury, and during his second season he broke his arm.

"I've never been a guy to quit or think bad thoughts about anything so I just rolled with the punches," said Goodson.

Goodson was granted a hardship waiver and played a third year of football for the Bears, doing enough to earn a shot at the NFL. However, due to switching sports and injuries Goodson was 24 years old, soon to be 25, heading into the draft. The Packers selected him in the 6th round.

"Just seeing all these guys picked before me and feeling like I'm better than them. I feel like if I was 21 or something I would have probably went 2nd or 3rd round," Goodson said.

Goodson will use his draft placement as motivation and he's not shy about letting his coaches know they got a bargain.

"I tell the coaches that all the time, I'm like 'watch coach watch I'm telling you'... basically once I learn the plays and get out there and play against Aaron, watch I'm going to be a steal," Goodson vows.

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