Packers Revamp Coaching Staff

By Leslie Spoon

Published 02/10 2014 06:07PM

Updated 02/10 2014 06:20PM

The Packers coaching staff has some modifications and new additions. Alex Van Pelt goes from Running backs coach to now overseeing the Quarterbacks. He already has a great relationship with Aaron Rodgers.

"Since Day one when I got here, he kind of allowed me to have say in things with him as well we had great conversations throughout the course of the season about everything from the run game to how to handle off the field things so we've had a good working relationship since day one, obviously looking forward to that growing as we move forward," Van Pelt said.

With exit of Kevin Greene, Winston Moss will now oversee all Linebackers.

"I think it will be more streamline, I think that there will be one voice. I think there will be an accountability to the standpoint that I'll be that person in front of the room and they will be accountable to me," Moss explained.

"It's something Dom Capers has used this format in the past so I thought it was a very natural transition for us and I know our players will be excited about having everybody in one room," Mike McCarthy weighed in.

Very rarely do we see coaching staffs go unchanged from year to year. Along with current Packer Coaches shuffling positions and expanding roles, there are also some new faces in Titletown. Head Coach Mike McCarthy says that's a positive.

"You want fresh faces in your building, new ideas. We don't have all the answers, so it's good to have new thoughts, new ideas and those new guys will bring that to the table," McCarthy elaborated. 

One of those guys is former NFL assistant and College head coach Ron Zook who has been brought in as assistant special teams coach.

"Ron has the personality, level of experience and a big picture experience and I think he brings a different dimension to our special teams room," McCarthy explained.

"I don't know a lot about the Green Bay packers organization but what I do know is its an organization thats about one thing. I know coach McCarthy, I know Darren Perry for example I coached Darren and me and Winston were together in New Orleans so you got guys that you know and everybody's looking for the same thing and that's too win," Zook said.

Another new face is Sam Gash, filling Van Pelt's role as Running backs coach. He inherits NFL offensive rookieof the year Eddie Lacy.

"Just point him in the right direction and let him go. Just talk to him about the little things, part about being a pro, he's a young guy and he's rookie, he plays hard but there's an art to being a pro and having a little bit of longevity in this league," Gash commented

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