Packers Well-Represented at Wisconsin Sports Awards

- (WFRV-TV) - Local 5 caught up with several members of the green and gold Thursday prior to the Wisconsin Sports Awards in Milwaukee.

Packers QB Aaron Rodgers

- On Wisconsin Sports Awards:

"It's always fun to see who shows up.  Good to see Bo (Ryan), coming off a great season.  Fun to be able to see him at a couple of games.  It's a great event, it keeps getting better every year."

- On Watching Badgers Basketball in NCAA Tournament in CA

"Andy North and I are good buddies and he invited me to sit with him and his wife.  It was just up the road from San Diego.  Two incredible games, and it's fun to see Bo doing well, he's a great coach, a great guy.  I got to know a couple of the guys over the last couple of years and I'm really proud of them."

- On facing Seattle in NFL kickoff game

"It will be a good test for us opening with the champs.  Tough environment, but it's exciting when you get the opportunity to start the season out because everybody's watching, a prime time game, a big time opponent.  It will be a good test for us."

- On Packers signing Julius Peppers

"It was fun to see Julius, I mean he's a specimen.  He looks great.  It will be fun to really get him into the fold and get him feeling like he's part of the team.  Encouraging him to be a big leader for us, I think he can bring a lot to the table on the field and in the locker room. I'm just excited about not having to run away from him anymore."

Packers Fullback John Kuhn

- On re-signing with Packers

"I'm ecstatic you can hear the the fans here, they're great. It's a great place to play , we have a ton of support and I feel comfortable with the team and just excited for another year."

- On the excitement of the NFL schedule release

"Absolutely.  We're all excited.  Everyone around the league gets excited when their schedules come out.  They finally know when they're going to get a chance to play certain teams that they might have their eye on so it's an exciting time, I'm sure everyone around the league feels the same way."


Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy

- On first impressions of the Packers schedule

"I always pay attention to the first four games, in this particular schedule the first five games because if you look at our schedule last year, think about how the end of the season played out, it happens every single year.  There's always things that go on during the course of the season.  I think it's a lot of time and energy wasted on the initial schedule.  With us playing at Seattle, I'm glad that's the first game just for the travel purposes.  Coming back and playing the Jets is an uncommon opponent at home, that will be great.  Then going right into the division so obviously the division has been more later in the year, but those three division games are going to really be a challenge especially with two of the three being a new staff."

- On how Julius Peppers is fitting in

"When a guy walks in the room and you see the reaction, it's a great fit.   We're glad he's there.  He seems to be comfortable and he's off to a great start.  He's someone we have great respect for competing against him the last 4-5 years down there in Chicago, so we're glad he's a Packer."

On Packers QB school and offseason work

"This is the time of the year where quarterbacks really make their hay improving their technique because of  the demands in the OTA's and the demands in training camp.  So much of it is about scheme and being partnered up with other positions.  This is truly the time where they can individualize as far as exactly their particular techniques that are fitted to every single one of them."

On depth at QB after re-signing Matt Flynn and bringing back Scott Tolzien

"We have a very healthy room.  We have an excellent room.  Obviously we've got the best player in football, we have Matt Flynn he's a proven guy and there's a comfort level definitely there.  I know Matt wants to get better, he still has growth in front of him.  And you've got a young guy in Scott Tolzien that has a bunch of growth, so it's a very healthy room.  The personalities are excellent, they're exactly what you're looking for."

On is Aaron Rodgers will be a full-go with his collarbone

"I would think so.  I would think by the time we get to the field he'll be fine. "


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