Richard Rodgers Impresses in OTAs

By Leslie Spoon

Published 06/10 2014 06:07PM

Updated 06/10 2014 06:11PM

Rookie Tight End Richard Rodgers has turned some heads in OTAs and he's certainly making every opportunity count.

“They throw me the ball, you have to catch it, that's basically what I think and I try to have no drops, I'm successful right now in doing that so just try to catch everything they throw to you,” said Richard Rodgers.

Sounds simple enough! With the exit of Jermichael Finley, if Rodgers continues to impress, he could see a lot of snaps as a rookie.

“I just think he's a natural in space. But as far as all the movement, playing in space, picking up the scheme, I think Richard's off to a very good start,” said Mike McCarthy.

Rodgers last year at Cal wasn't ideal. Sonny Dykes took over the reins as head coach and in his scheme Rodgers was utilized as a wide receiver. Mike McCarthy seems to think that move was beneficial for his rookie.

“Playing in more of a play-action type offense and then the capability to move into the backfield and then playing displacement formations, it’s definitely an education opportunity and really I think it really highlighted his skill set,” said McCarthy.

“It’s good to be in the slot and be out wide sometimes and get the ball in space and just learn to play in space,” said Rodgers.

As for the "Other Rodgers from Cal".... Aaron's pleased with the Packers' third round compensatory pick. And the QB, who still carries a chip from his draft... hopes the naysayers inspire his new teammate.

“Matt (Flynn) and I were actually just talking about it how when we made the pick some of the so-called experts on the draft channel said that he was a late sixth round pick that had him as far as a grade which is pretty laughable when you watch the talent that he's got and the ability, especially with some of the plays he made today,” said Aaron Rodgers.

Of course, the real test will come when the pads are put on during training camp, but blocking can always be improved... good hands are hard to find.

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