Phoenix Pheature - Multi-Talented Fouse Helping Phoenix do the Dirty Work

By Ryan Rodig |

Published 02/06 2014 10:38PM

Updated 02/10 2014 03:15PM

(WFRV-TV) - When you have a 7'1" NBA prospect who can sink three's like Alec Brown, and a 5'11" point guard like Keifer Sykes who defies gravity with his big dunks and also leads the league in scoring, it's easy for other players to fly under the radar.

That's exactly what sophomore Jordan Fouse is doing so far for the Phoenix

"Jordan is just one of those behind the scenes winners," said Head Coach Brian Wardle recently.  "He's the quiet assassin on the floor.  He's a very, very smart savy player that helps us throughout the game."

And he does it in a multitude of ways.

The 6'7" forward currently ranks 3rd in the Horizon League in rebounds, blocks, and steals per game and is also in the 10th in assists.  Fouse doesn't need to score to be effective but his field goal percentage also ranks third in the league.  He's at his best doing the dirty work, and teammates say he's the type of player every successful team has to have.

"We have to," said Brown.  "Usually it takes a couple of guys to get the stats that he's been getting so I mean for him to get all those stats.  And not even the stats, just to be where he is all the time on defense and disrupting their offense it's helped us out so much."

Fouse usually defends the oppositions best offensive player, and he and the team has excelled in shutting down many of the league's top scorers this season.  The second-year player has also shown time after time he's had the knack for creating crucial late game turnovers to turn tight contests into GB victories.

"The little plays like that they can help the game out a lot and just change everything," Fouse said.  Just the momentum that it gives us.  Usually those steals that I get at the end, lead towards a dunk and that just helps us out a lot."

"It's crazy," adds Brown.  "It just seems like he's always in the right spot.  Plus the length of his arms helps.  It kind of surprises people at times.  He just knows where to be on the court.  Defensively he's just so smart of a player it's fun to watch."

It will be fun to watch how far the Phoenix can go this year with their under the radar difference-maker helping push the Phoenix over the top in the Horizon League.

"He's only getting better too," said Wardle.  "He works extremely hard.  He's trying to improve his game.  That's our culture now in this locker room and that's what's fun."

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