Phoenix Rack Up Horizon League Honors

By Leslie Spoon

Published 03/10 2014 07:12PM

Updated 03/11 2014 01:14PM

Phoenix Head Coach Kevin Borseth was named Horizon League Coach of the Year for the 8th time in 11 seasons at Green Bay, but this year may have been his best body of work with one of his youngest starting line-ups.

“We have lot of things that we needed to learn and work on this year and for him to be so patient and I think that really this championship so far is a testament to him. And we still have a lot more to take care of but for him to really develop us into the team we are with such young players has been really awesome to see,” freshman Mehryn Kraker weighed in.

Mehryn Kraker was named to the conference's All-Freshman team, aside fellow rookie Teesha Buck, who was tabbed Freshman of the Year. Buck started all 28 games... a utility-player so to speak, she does it all and apparently has room to grow.

“Just is a really, wants to be a good player. She's got the intelligence level of a great player. I think if she progresses and her skills get a little better, her shooting gets a little more consistent, she remains that focused and that coachable over the course of time she has the ability to be as good a player as anyone that's ever come out of here,” Head Coach Kevin Borseth said.

The Lukan sisters were also honored. Kaili earned second team honors and Megan was named to the all-defensive team. So the conference champs had plenty of honorees... but no first team selections.

“I don't think we worry too much about the awards and I mean, I guess it is a little strange but at the same time all we care about is that conference championship,” Megan Lukan explained.

Individual awards are nice but these players have made it clear it means absolutely nothing if they can't finish the drill this week. The Phoenix have made it to the NCAA tournament 6 out of the last 7 years and if they want to get back there they need to win the Horizon League tournament.

“We're excited, we'd love to see Youngstown again, we’d love to see Wright State again but we know that no matter what we're going to have a good game and like Coach says we just have to trust in what we do and we'll be alright,” Kraker said.

“This week we're focusing on ourselves and we're focusing on getting ourselves better and our way is good enough. As long as we do that I think we can win the conference tournament,” Lukan stated.

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