Record-Holder Denson Brings Power Potential to Rattlers

By Ryan Rodig |

Published 07/23 2014 09:26PM

Updated 07/23 2014 09:54PM

(WFRV-TV) - David Denson is power personified.
He proved that prior to being drafted by the Brewers in 2013, when he set an amateur world record at the 7th annual Power Showcase by blasting a 515 foot home run off the top of the scoreboard at Marlins Park in Miami. A YouTube video displaying the evidence has been viewed by more than 1.2 million people.
"Honestly and truthfully I'm still not used to it," said Denson of his Internet fame.  "I still don't see myself as you say a YouTube phenomenon, or as this guy who set a world record.  I just see myself as a normal 19 year old kid."
What Denson did that day was anything but normal. His bohemeth blast sailed 12 feet farther than the previous record set by MLB phenom Bryce Harper in 2009.
"When I hit it that it felt like it came from somewhere else," said Denson who said he dropped down and prayed before going to the plate.  "I was like woah, it felt great off the bat, but it just took off.  It felt really good."
The 15th round pick of Milwaukee thinks that moment was when Major League scouts started paying attention.
"I honestly think it helped a lot," said Denson who's phone and email became flooded with messages following the event.  "I didn't play high school baseball until my senior year, so I was a surprise player is what I was told."
The 6'3" 250 pound first baseman decided to turn pro instead of taking a scholarship to play baseball at Hawaii.  Now the youngest player on the Rattlers' roster, Denson admits the mental side of the game is just as hard as the physical.  After battling wrist and hand injuries Denson is back at it and his batting average is nearing .250 with 4 homers, and the 4th best on-base percentage on the team."
"He's got a big stick," Wisconsin manager Matt Erickson said of Denson.  "He's a big kid, he's athletic.  What's even more impressive then his power is the way he moves his feet.  For a big guy, he's athletic around the bag, he's got nice hands.  His pitch selection is real good for a young man, his discipline has been good.  Now it's about find a consistent stroke for him."
Denson agrees that fundamentals and consistency will be key for him to reach the next level

After all, he knows the power will always be there in his back pocket.
"When you have power you really don't try to generate it too much.  You just kind of let it happen."
When it all comes together, the young slugger's career could take off like one of his tape measure home runs.

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