Roache Getting Back in the Swing of Things

Published 07/29 2013 08:50PM

Updated 07/30 2013 05:56PM

Victor Roache hit 30 homeruns his junior season at Georgia Southern University, so even after suffering a wrist injury in February of 2012, that ended his senior year - the brewers still drafted him as their first round pick later that June.


"Yeah I was pretty surprised, very thankful," Roache says.  "The injury scared a lot of teams away".


Roache explains it's been an uphill battle bouncing back, struggling to find his timing, but he was able to keep a positive mindset by reminding himself he still has an opportunity to live his dream of playing pro baseball.


"Just sitting out that long kind of puts a different perspective on everything. I always come to the field just thankful to be able to play another day".


Due to his injury, Roache hadn't played in over a year so a slow start was expected, but he's really turned it on in the month of July hitting 8 Home runs and driving in 24 RBI in 25 games.


"I've been tweaking my swing ever since the beginning of the season and finally it's all starting to fall together for me. To start having a little taste of that success, it kinda gives you your swagger back and you're kinda like 'alright I can play with these guys' and then the swing starts coming back and you start seeing more results," Roache said.  


The brewers drafted him for the power bat he's starting to showcase. His coaches say he ranks right up there with some of the best to have come thru Appleton.


"When you come here and you watch our batting practice, or if you go into our cage and watch him hit -  the ball just explodes off his bat," Manager Matt Erickson says.


"He swings the bat really well. He's got the most power in our organization and he's just a good kid. He works hard and he's just starting to turn it on right now," Hitting Coach Dusty Rhodes weighs in.


Roache's potential is exciting... Wisconsin fans better head to Fox Cities Stadium soon to see him play, before he moves up the ranks.



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