Roenicke Endorses Segura for the MLB All Star Game

Published 06/23 2013 01:03PM

Updated 06/23 2013 01:29PM

Brewers Manager Ron Roenicke made his feelings clear on the All-Star game voting process Sunday before the game.

He says he likes that fans have a vote on starters, but he also doesn't like it because it often leads to "unfair" results.

As far as Jean Segura goes, Roenicke can't see any way around his shortstop attending the mid-summer classic.

"Sometimes there's guys in it that shouldn't be in it," Roenicke said.  "If he's not in the all-star game, people aren't watching."

Roenicke says he continues to be amazed by Segura who entering Sunday is the only player in MLB to have 10+ home runs and 20+ steals.

"For a young guy doing this, it would be hard to say there's somebody doing a better job than he's doing in his 1st full year," Roenicke said.

Maybe the biggest surprise has been Segura's defensive prowess.

"The defense, there's something almost every game he's making that not a lot of shortstops can make," added Roenicke.

"Offensively, he continues to hit," added Roenicke.  "Really, really consistent, and he runs the bases great.  He's exciting to watch, he's always diving around, getting dirty, and stealing bases.  This is a really good shortstop, and I'm hoping we have this kind of player for a long time."

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