Former Phoenix Center Alec Brown Preparing for NBA Draft

By Ryan Rodig |

Published 06/11 2014 06:43PM

Updated 07/22 2015 01:45PM

(WFRV-TV) - Since graduating from UW-Green Bay last month, Alec Brown has had five job interviews, with six more planned for the next two weeks.

In the world of the 7-foot-1 former center of the Green Bay Phoenix, job interviews equate to workouts with NBA teams.  Brown's ultimate goal is getting drafted, but he realizes that's something only about 1% college basketball players will experience.

"I don't know if I'll be picked or not honestly," said Brown before a short workout at the Kress Center Wednesday.  "It's a toss up I feel like.  If I don't get picked it's not really going to be much different than if I get picked late in the second round.  Either way you have to make a team."

Brown is looking to become just the 6th UWGB player to be drafted in the NBA and first since Jeff Noordgaard in 1996.  The big man says it starts by showing you belong against the best, which he has reportedly done at numerous workouts with other prospects.

"It's good to go out to these workouts and show these teams, show everyone really, that I'm just as good as those bigger name guys that are on TV all the time," said Brown who was catching a plane for a workout with Utah after leaving Green Bay. "That's what a lot of the mid-major guys got to do not just myself.  They've got to go to these workouts and really kill the bigger name guys if they want to have a chance."

The workouts aren't the only proof the former Phoenix center seems to be  succeeding at he trying to improve his shot of being one of just 60players drafted on June 26th.  And his shot on the court is a big reason why. At May's NBA Combine, he wasn't just the best shooting NBA prospect among big men, he tied for the best shooting performance of anyone there, regardless of position.

"He's doing what he does well," said Green Bay Head Basketball Coach Brian Wardle.  "He's not trying to go outside of himself in these workouts.  That's what every NBA guy, coach, GM, or scout that I've talked to has really said.  "He's done a great job of just being who he is, make jumpers, run the floor, be a high motor, active 7-footer than can really shoot. He can do things most 7-footers can't do."

Brown hopes those abilities help him land his dream job, and being drafted would make it even better.

"That's just what everyone wants to see, there name getting called.  It'd definitely be a huge honor to be called."


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