Wolf Twins Carry on Family Legacy

By Leslie Spoon

Published 01/27 2014 05:17PM

Updated 01/27 2014 10:48PM

We've all heard of sibling rivalry...it's magnified with twins!

"We always have these little activities that we do, see who's stronger, who's faster, competitive twin thing," Mackenzie said.

"Anything like strength-wise I beat her, but anything like running wise she beats me," Madison explains.

Mackenzie and Madison Wolf are the youngest of 7 children. The 6'3" twin towers wreak havoc on the hardwood.. something that runs in the family. Their Uncle Joe played collegiately at North Carolina and went on to play in the NBA for over a decade. Their father Jeff, also a Tar Heel, was the 86th overall pick in the 1980 draft but an injury lead to a career overseas.

"Sometimes he shouts at me from the stands saying hold your follow thru or something like that its the little things that like really help," Mackenzie weighed in.

"He pushes us, he knows our potential and he wants us to reach it," Madison said.

The two admit there's some truth to the idea that twins share a sixth sense and its especially helpful on the basketball court.

"I mean I don't even have to communicate to her and she I just like tell her like in my mind Mack I need your help, come over here and she just comes over there so its really cool," Madison explains.

Mackenzie is older by 27 minutes. Even though she's only a junior, she's already committed to play at college ball at Green Bay.

"I felt a really good connection when we took our visit there. I felt like the coaches were really nice and they felt like a family type of team."

Madison is taking her time. On any given night, you can spot scouts in the stands.

"I'm just enjoying the process and seeing all the schools that are out there and seeing which one's the best fit for me."

The thought of going their separate ways on the court and in life in a year and a half, isn't a popular subject with the twins. When you get past the sibling rivalry, it's easy to see Mackenzie and Madison are each others biggest fans!

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