Aaron Rodgers Not Medically Cleared, Not Ruled Out for Sunday

Aaron Rodgers Not Medically Cleared, Not Ruled Out for Sunday

The Packers quarterback situation continues to be unclear heading into Sunday's crucial contest vs. Atlanta

"Yeah, I don't have any chances or any odds there,” Rodgers said.  “Nice try.  No percentages either.  There are three parts to it (being cleared medically), the strength, the range of motion, and the evidence that we see on the scan.  Two out of three are passed so far."

The lone remaining obstacle is a clean scan. However, it is unclear if Rodgers will be getting another one later this week.  If he doesn’t, it’s hard to see how he can be medically cleared for Sunday’s game against Atlanta.

 "No we’re not going to continue doing that,” Head Coach Mike McCarthy said after practice Wednesday when asked about Rodgers getting another scan done of his collarbone this week.  “I think you just have to follow the protocol of the rehab.  This is a medical situation just like every other player.  They have a plan for him to progress and hopefully he comes in tomorrow and feels better."

One thing we do know is Rodgers’ status likely won't linger until game day.

"I don't think that's fair to Matt (Flynn) if we do that,” Rodgers said.  “I think by Friday or Saturday at the latest there will be a decision."

For his part, Flynn sounds like a guy who's not 100% sure he will be starting Sunday, even after taking starter reps at practice.

“Just in case I play it will be good to get in and get some work this week,” Flynn said.  “Get some timing down and things like that.”

Flynn’s choice of words, “just in case I play” are curious given that he’s expected to start in place of Rodgers.

After coming in relief on Scott Tolzien and then starting on a short week on Thanksgiving, players are confident Flynn will find more success with more preparation.

"I think so,” said Jordy Nelson.  “Last week was by far the worst game we've had with these backup quarterbacks.  Matt was kind of joking today 'It's actually kind of nice to run the plays we are going to run in the game’ because obviously last week all we had pretty much was walkthroughs.  He's going to get more and more comfortable.”

Nelson also went on to say it’s not all on the quarterback saying everyone needs to win Sunday.

And with 4 straight losses and one tie, McCarthy seems to be growing tired of answering injury questions or anything not related to the most immediate team goal.

“We are doing everything we feel we need to do to beat the Atlanta Falcons,” McCarthy said.  “We need this football game."

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