Countdown to gun deer hunt

Countdown to gun deer hunt

Hunters have pointed their cars north, flooding local highways enroute to deer camp.
GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) - Hunters have pointed their cars north, flooding local highways enroute to deer camp.

In a matter of hours, blaze orange clad hunters will be hitting the woods to bag that trophy buck.

If they are in a group the DNR is urging people to have a plan.

Most injuries happen within the same hunting party.

Communication is key to avoid accidents especially during a deer drive.

In 2012, four hunters were killed. 28 incidents were reported in all.

Hunters we spoke with say it is important to remember firearm basics.

They use the acronym TABK:

T -  Treat every firearm as if were loaded

A - Always point the firearm in a safe direction

B - Be sure of your target and what is beyond it

K - Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot.

Many people were stocking up on last minute gear today.

Especially with cool temperatures in the forecast, they are adding extra layers.

While the hunt does not start until Saturday, excitement is already in the air.

"Actually it has been the last week or two of excitement building up. Yesterday I saw a lot of guys with deer haulers on the back of their trucks and that gets a guy going pretty good" says hunter Keith Close.

"It is the same thing every year" says another hunter James Kesner. "Get out have fun. Get out in the fresh air. Best day of hunting is when you are just out there enjoying nature, enjoying the fresh air".

Hunters will face a few challenges. The gun season in later than normal which means deer may not be as active.

Also the corn harvest is running behind schedule giving deer more places to hide.

Most hunters we spoke with say getting a deer is a bonus this weekend is all about tradition.


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