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A Learning Experience - Tux Shopping at The Formal Event

Here's what Alan from THE WEDDING PARTY learned while shopping for tuxes
What Alan learned about shopping for tuxes at The Formal Event:

- There are many more options/ styles available than I ever would have thought.

- Stay open-minded. I didn't think I  would like stripes, but that is the tux I ended up going with.
- Tuxes look different when worn than they do on a mannequin.  The shape of the suit coat drastically changes when put on.

-Our original color scheme is going to change based off how the tux looked with the pocket square. Our color we had chosen was much too bright.

- The fit of a coat is very precise.  It is important to make sure you get a professional's input on the fit.

-Some people do indeed choose a bow tie for their wedding... that doesn't make it a clown wedding.

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