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"Anonymous" group threatens retaliation against GBPD

GBPD, Police Association and officer involved in skirmish with citizen results in retaliation threat by "Anonymous" group.
GREEN BAY (WFRV) A video of an altercation between a Green Bay police officer and a man who swore at the officer has gone viral. Now another video on "youTube" has level threats against the officer, the police department and the Green Bay Professional Police Association. The department is taking those threats seriously and cautiously.

" But I'm not going to go into details about what we're doing," said Lt. Chad Ramos, Professional Standards Division, Green Bay Police Department.

The video was by a group called "Anonymous", which is similar to a hackers group in Europe that's made threats to governments via video and social media site. The video, which had been viewed by over 30,000 people has now been removed from "YouTube" for violating terms of service polices. Green Bay Jim Schmitt says he also takes the threats seriously.

"We've got this threat now that we don't know if it's credible or not, we've got to take it seriously. We're spending resources and time on it," he said.

The mayor and police understand that residents want answers about the confrontation. But they urge people to be calm and wait on the investigation.

"We have some people who are doing probably more than they need to do, right? I think if we just give this thing a little bit of time it's going to be resolved to the satisfaction of everyone," Mayor Schmitt said.

"We are asking people to be patient with this process and not presumptive and allow the process itself to at least have the time, energy and attention it deserves. So that a very transparent investigation and conclusion can be made," Lt. Ramos added.

Local 5's Terry Kovarik has the story.

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