Busy Mother's Day weekend ahead for florists

Busy Mother's Day weekend ahead for florists

This weekend, millions of people will be honoring their moms, and for those who sell flowers, it's been a very busy week.

ALLOUEZ, Wis. (WFRV) - Mother's day is this coming Sunday. While it means lots of gifts for mom for florists it provides a bit of extra business.


For Kelly Leatherberry shopping for mom for Mother's day meant a stop at Schroederls Flowers in Allouez to pick up a flat of petunia's.  For her, nothing says I love you like fresh flowers.


"Obviously women like flowers," she says, "but I think it's a good hobby for them just to get outdoors and spend their own time."


On this Friday before mother's day, these florists have been busy.


"Lots and lots of people," Peggy Schroeder of Schroeder's Flowers says, "seems like hundred probably wasn't that many but it seemed like it."


Busy with work like putting together arrangements, filling trucks for deliveries.  But, she says unlike Valentine's day, when all the work comes at once, when it comes to Mother's day  people are shopping days before -


"This weekend is the busiest weekend for us all year," she says.


Buying fresh cut flowers for inside, and fresh plants for outdoors. It's a busy time - yet no one is complaining. These orders keep Schroeder's in business,  and these purchases make mothers happy.


Mothers like Kelly Leatherberry's, who this Weekend will be planting her gift.

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