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Warren Gerds/Critic at Large: Daddy D shows always remember veterans

The featured songs vary from show to show.
Darren Johnson
Darren Johnson

PHOTO: Kevin Van Ess plays saxophone as part of a Daddy D Productions show. Daddy D Productions photo

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – The following is a variation of my on-air feature of today, Sunday, May 18, repeated for those of you who missed it.

This is a tip of the hat to some performers who tip their hats all the time.

If you go to a show by Daddy D Productions show troupe of Green Bay, there’s always a tribute to our military veterans and active personnel.

It makes no difference what time of year it is.

I’ve seen scores of shows by Daddy D over the years, and time is always taken to recognize those who served or are serving in all the branches of the military.

This is fascinating and sometimes emotional.

Troupe leader Darren Johnson served in the Army.

During each performance, he has the veterans stand to be applauded.

Then a song is sung.

It’s a different song in each show.

And the style of song is different each time.

One time it could be straight-on patriotic, like Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA.”

Another time, it will be a plea, like “Bring Him Home” from the musical “Les Miserables.”

Another time, it will be thoughtful, like Anita Baker’s “You Can Reach Me.”

Sometimes a whole show is devoted to the variety of songs on the theme.

In the latest production, the focus was on “You Were Always on My Mind” – a song of separation that’s been sung by Elvis Presley and Willie Nelson and lots of others.

The Daddy D habit is something unusual on our entertainment scene.

The tributes aren’t a gimmick.

They’re just something nice.

We can all use something nice once in a while.

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