Helping Hand: Children for Animals

Helping Hand: Children for Animals

Animal welfare issues have taken center stage in recent media reports.
(WFRV) - From wired cages to circus stages, some local kids are learning all about how to be responsible pet owners.

In a back room at the Bay Area Humane Society, a small club is forming: the CHAT. Club, or Children for Humane Animal Treatment. "It's kind of like learning about what is inhumane, and what is humane, and how you can, what you can do to prevent inhumane treatment of animals," says Maddux, a CHAT Club member.

Kids from ages eight to 12 are spending time with animals, reading books, being taught everything from care to compassion. "These kids are the most impressionable," says Gretchen Jandrin, a CHAT Club teacher. "If we teach them good habits, and care for animals now, it'll carry over for their adult life. Kids this age sometimes get puppies, dogs, cats, and other animals, and sometimes they might not know how to take care of it."

The CHAT Club meets the first and third Tuesday of the month at the Bay Area Humane Society. There's still room in the club if you want to join.

For more information on the club, click here.
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