Howard truck explosion leads to new training for first responders

Howard truck explosion leads to new training for first responders

The fatal explosion of a compressed natural gas fueled truck in Howard leads to training sessions. Emergency services learn how to deal with emerging alternate fuel technologies and possible dangers

HOWARD (WFRV) The explosion of a truck powered by compressed natural gas, that injured a passenger and killed the driver, provided new concerns for the Village of Howard Fire Department.

"We certainly understand the system but perhaps not to the level that we would feel comfortable with," said Chief Ed Janke, Howard Fire Department.

So Howard fire fighters will undergo training through the Clean Vehicle Education Fund. Training sessions will help first responders understand compressed natural gas fuel system operations and risks.

"Situational awareness is paramount to the survival of situational responders. So we have to completely understand what we're up against," Chief Janke said.

That's needed information with CNG powered vehicles now widely used in the paper and food products industries. That's in addition to electric-powered and hybrid vehicle systems.

"They change dramatically ever other year, it seems like. Just when we get educated on one, they change to another situation," said Captain Sean LIssen, Green Bay Metro Fire Department.

The situation in Howard immediately became a learning experience for future fire fighters.

"We were on our way back and we heard that on the radio and that really makes you take a step back and realize--"Alright. We are training for practical emergencies," said Sarah Cooper, a GBMFD recruit currently training at Northeast Wisconsin Technical College.

Local 5's Terry Kovarik has the story.
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