Local Woman Sets Sights on 13 Straight Marathons

Local Woman Sets Sights on 13 Straight Marathons

Fond du Lac resident Amy Van Dyke has been chosen to participate in the MS run the U.S Relay

350 miles in 13 days. That's the goal for Fond du Lac runner Amy Van Dyke, taking part in the MS run the US Relay.

        "Last year I was a part of the relay and I ran six days in a row, marathons," says Van Dyke. "So now I know I can do it, I know what it feels like."

This year, she'll be running two segments, starting in Steamboat Springs Colorado, and ending near the Nebraska border. Her journey will take her over 2 miles above sea level.

        "That's where the challenge comes in being from Wisconsin," she says. "Because there's hills, but there's no mountains around."

To prepare, Van Dyke runs 12+ miles, 4 days a week, and does kettlebell training at her gym.

        "This is different from a regular marathon in that I'm not racing," says Van Dyke. "I'm not worrying about pace. So I'm just going out there, relaxing, and just going at an easy pace that's comfortable for me."

Van Dyke says the daily runs can be long and very tiring, but it gives her plenty of time to think about what she's running for.

        "That inspires me," she says. "I really love to be outside in nature, and kind of alone to your thoughts. Running allows that, and just really puts everything in persepctive."

Each runner is required to raise $10,000 for Multiple Sclerosis research. Since Van Dyke is running two segments, she'll need to raise $20,000.

She's over halfway to her fundraising goal, but still needs to raise over $7,000. If you'd like to donate, you can do so at:


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