'Launchpad' Competition Rocks Chilton

'Launchpad' Competition Rocks Chilton

14 high school bands from across the region competed Friday for a chance to play at Summerfest this summer.
With a chance to play at Summerfest on the line, 14 bands from across the area rocked out at Chilton High School on Friday.

        "I was having a blast just moving around stage and everything," says Alex Moua, a guitarist for Little Chute's 'Who Ye Be?'

Moua is in band and choir at school, fulfilling one of the major requirements to take part in the competition.

        "One of the band members needs to be enrolled in one of the school's large group music ensembles," says Wisconsin School Music Association Executive Director Tim Schaid.

Schaid says that requirement allows the competition to showcase local music departments in a different light.

        "I think it's a win win," he says. "First of all, we do get some students involved in the Launchpad program that typically wouldn't be involved in non-traditional type programs. And it's a win for the school district, because it's an opportunity for them to recruit more students into their programs."

Moua was joined on stage by 3 other band members, including Jack Delvaux, a bass player who says his time in choir helps the band excell.

        "It just makes music easier," he says.

Moua agrees, saying it provides him knowledge he can use even in a garage band.

        "It helps you stay on time with your other band members, playing with everyone else," he says. "If you want to learn rhythm and counting, band is the way to go."

Three winners from today will move on to the state finals in Madison. The winning band will get an award, free recording time at a studio, and the highly touted gig at Summerfest.

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