Wounded Warrior goes from military to music mission

Wounded Warrior goes from military to music mission

Justin Lane's military career has ended now that therapy and rehabilitation are over. Now he's charting a new career--in music.
GREEN BAY, WI. (WFRV) Since July 20-11, Justin Lane's recovery from double amputation following an I-E-D bombing has been about more than just helping himself. Lane uses his recovery from war wounds to reach others with traumatic injuries...and his music to share a simple message.

"This is a better way of helping people, including having them be motivated by the fact that I'm not giving up on life in my situation. So why should they?" Lane said.

Justin's military career concluded July 21st. During recovery and rehabilitation, he learned to play the guitar, adding that to his ability to play drums, and did a cover version of Jason Castro's hit song "Only A Mountain". Lane even made a video of the tune, in which he played all instruments. Justin's message and his music are his new mission. He's working working on an album and has recorded seven of the 12 songs he needs. The L-P's working title: "I Do What I Want".

"Even in my situation, I'm still doing what I want, which is to be able to motivate people, sing music, go around and inspire everyone," he said.

Some of Lane's inspiration came during a camping trip to Canyon Lake, Texas, where he'll be making his home. With help from a friend, he took a long awaited swim.

"So he had to lift me where I could take my prosthetics off in the water," Lane recalled. "But even though I had a life vest on, it was the first time back in the water since before my blast."

Simple challenges that have become major victories and set a new tone for Justin Lane's life.

"I'm not retired, just redirected," he said.

Local 5's Terry Kovarik has more.
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