Fighting homelessness in Brown County

Fighting homelessness in Brown County

Battling homelessness through the eyes of a veteran

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV)- Randy Evenson is a father, loving husband, army veteran and new resident at the New Community Shelter.

"No one wants to be homeless," Evenson said. "I'm here because things happened."

Things like narapothy of his feet, caused by diabetes. And due to his illness, Evenson wasn't able to leave the house and go to his job at APAC Costumer Services.

"I no longer could work and I couldn't leave... It got to the point where we couldn't make rent payments and we had to have somewhere to go."

The New Community Shelter serves weekly meals and provides both emergency and transitional housing for adults who are homeless. Aside from basic shelter and food, the shelter also provides career couseling, therapy and other services meant to get their residents back on their feet.

"When people come here, it's pretty much the worst day of their lives," said Kris Olson, Director of Development at the shelter. "But when I look at people coming in, I just know that they're goign to be helped."

Homlessness is a growing problem in Brown County. More than 1300 students are homeless in Brown County alone and on a randomly selected day last month, Oct. 30, there were 464 people using facilities like the New Community shelter and more than 200 of those individuals were children.

Evenson said the New Community Shelter is unique because it's not giving him a handout but more of a handup on succeeding and hopefully moving out of the facility soon.

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