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Generations come together to honor Veterans at local events

Communities across Northeast Wisconsin honored American veterans of all wars.
GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) - Communities across Northeast Wisconsin honored American veterans of all wars.

There are close to 400,000 veterans living in our state and more than 21 million nationwide.

Yet, people who serve represent around one percent of our population.

Today the 99 percent gives back

"We just want to carry on that tradition, and I think the veterans deserve it. Deserve some honor, one day a year, at least" says Larry Heyrman, President, United Patriotic Society Green Bay

Veterans in their 90s saluting the service men and women of today.

"We have veterans here today that only go to one or two events a year" says K.C. Johnson with the Department of Wisconsin Disabled American Veterans.

Younger patriots, raising a hand to the service of generations before.

"They have been through a lot more than I have, so to come out and support them, it is always nice" says James Kopczynski , a Veteran himself.

For some it is a thank you years in the making.

"You know we were over there just trying to do our job. It breaks my heart to see this, but its good" says Vietnam Veteran Dave Mueller.  

"All veterans gave of themselves. It does not matter if you served in a hostile area or supported everybody, because you are away from your family, your friends. You give up your whole way of life when you join" says Jerry Probst, an Air Force Veteran.

It is a time to reminisce, and a time to say words too often forgotten.

"Thank you" says Appleton Mayor Tim Hanna. "It is pretty simple. Thank you for your service".


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