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Gov. Walker expected to discuss tax cuts during State of the State Address

What will the Governor do with the $911 million surplus?

GREEN BAY, Wis (WFRV)-- Wednesday night, all eyes will be on Gov. Scott Walker as he lays out his plans for Wisconsin in 2014 in his State of the State Address.

 “Since I took office more employers are hiring and personal income is up," Walker said on "Fox and Friends" Tuesday morning

Back in December, Local 5's Jenn Sullivan sat down with the Governor in Madison and he told her he would focus on four things during his State of the State Address.

First, would be property tax cuts, exploring the idea of eliminating income tax, job creation, and putting more money into education so employers can hire skilled workers.  

“We’re going to give it right back to the people.  We’re going to set a little bit aside for the rainy day fund and the rest is going to income and property tax relief," Walker said on "Fox and Friends"

The Governor’s speech comes just days after the Legislative Fiscal Bureau announced the state has a $911 million dollar surplus. 

But Democrats would like to see that money used for education and healthcare.

Senate Democratic Leader, Sen. Chris Larson, said, “We like to see tax cuts but we have to make sure that the essential obligations are taken care of."

After the Speech Democrats are likely to continue slamming the governor for his lack of job growth--Noting that the state is ranked 37th in national job creation.

Democratic Assembly Leader, Rep. Peter Barca said, “The Governor ran on the notion of trying to do something about jobs.  He made a specific promise but you don’t see the action to back that up the rhetoric.”

But the Governor continues to defend that the state is moving in the right direction.

The State of the State Address will take place Wednesday at 7 p.m. in Madison

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