Green Bay couple has unique birthing experience

Green Bay couple has unique birthing experience

A Green Bay couple had to do without doctors and nurses early Thursday morning.
Green Bay, Wis. (WFRV) - Ava Lynn Wieber was ready to come into the world Thursday morning, even if her parents were not. 

"My water broke at 2:28 in the morning and she was born at 2:48," said Tiffany Wieber.

With their first born child taking 13 hours to be delivered, Tiffany and Chris said they thought they had time to make it to the hospital. But little Ava, had a schedule of her own, crowing just minutes after 2:30am. 

"So quickly I called 911," said Chris Wieber. "I grabbed her by the arm and drew the bath water and helped her into the bath water. I got the operator on and she asked the address... and she said what is your emergency. And I looked down and said my wife in in labor and I see a head. I see a head. A head is out."

And while Chris continued to panick, his wife calmy went into autopilot and delivered Ava herself. 

Mom, Dad and Ava were all rushed to St. Mary's hospital and after a couple of hours on oxygen, baby Ava is doing fine.

Chris and Tiffany laugh, saying the whole ordeal seems like it was a scene from a movie.

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