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Green Bay Police looking for applicants for Citizen's Academy

Firearms are one topic in the three month long citizen's academy.
GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) - The Green Bay Police Department is looking for people to enroll in its citizen academy.


"Here's the magazine, the stock, the slide, trigger guard, trigger" explains Lt. Kevin Warych as he teaches Local 5's Millaine Wells the basics of operating a firearm.


"It is an unloaded weapon" he explains.


Firearms are one topic in the three month long citizen's academy.


"To understand use of force, understand OWI enforcement, understand the effects of a TAZER, there are a variety of subjects they will be exposed to. It will hopefully open up their eyes and make them well rounded when it comes to the terms of a police department" Lt. Warych says.  


Academy recruits will get to tour the facility and see where officers train.


According to Lt. Warych "The majority of people have not seen the police department beyond the front lobby".


The academy is a chance to ask one on one questions.


"The instructors range from patrolmen to supervisors, to people in the drug task force. It is a wide variety of people who have intimate knowledge of the subject being discussed" Lt. Warych says.


All with the goal of creating a community more aware and able to report back to police.


"We have to establish that partnership, have to work with them, because stopping and deterring crime is not just one persons job it is the communities effort" he says.


The citizens academy is free.


It is not designed for people looking to pursue a career in law enforcement, rather citizens who want to learn about day to day operations.

To sign up click here. People have until September 27th to register.

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