Leo Frigo bridge opens

Leo Frigo bridge opens

After 3 months of construction, the Leo Frigo bridge is open again in Green Bay.
GREEN BAY (WFRV)  Snowplows put the finishing touches to the pavement for the  long awaited reopening of the Leo Frigo Memorial Bridge.  That means drivers like Jim Longley of Bellevue can avoid game day traffic.

"Instead of avoiding all that traffic going back towards Lambeau. We couldn't take the Leo Frigo Bridge so we went the usual way to 41 south and to 172," said Longley.

  The barricades came down nearly two weeks earlier than projected.  Project managers give credit to contractors and tradesmen who worked around the clock to get the bridge reopened.

"They actually brought in three drill rigs.  So they brought in multiple crews.  Then Zenith Tech brought in multiple crews.  They staggered that work crew," said Tom Buchholz, Wisconsin Department of Transportation Project Manager.  "What they also brought in was additional ground heaters.  They brought in additional heaters for the workers and the materials."

 Even though the Leo Frigo Bridge is open and fully functional, safety monitoring will continue for the foreseeable future."

"We've done some ground penetrating radar up on the deck and we're continuing to watch up on the the deck. too,"  said Kim Rudat, Wisconsin Department of Transporation Communications Director.    "We're not saying we won't be back in the spring for some touch ups.  But we're getting her opened today."

 With nearly nine-and-a-half million dollars invested in repairs and stabilization, drivers and transportation officials say the bridge is ready to go.

"We really missed that.  We really missed not being able to go over that bridge," Longley said.

"Our families are going to be driving it.  I think that's the best thing to say:  We're going to be using it and the public should feel confident," Rudat said.

Local 5's Terry Kovarik has more.
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