Miss Wisconsin Organization Reacts to Hateful Tweets

Miss Wisconsin Organization Reacts to Hateful Tweets

Nina Davuluru was the subject of numerous racial tweets after being crowned Miss America Sunday night.
Just moments after Nina Davuluri was crowned Miss America, hateful comments began popping up on social media. Today, the Wisconsin pagaent community responded.

        "It's just really unfortunate," said 2010 Miss Wisconsin Kimberly Larsen. "I hope that people move on from that and look at all the great things she's going to do as Miss America."

Larsen was a Miss America contestant in 2010. She says regardless of the comments, sunday night's outcome is what the pagaent is all about.

        "America is a melting pot, and Miss America should represent that."

Miss Wisconsin Executive Director Jeanne Schmal agreed in a statement she made to Local Five.

        "It's truly unfortunate that we still have uninformed bigots in our country who would defame our new Miss America in this way. We are a nation of immigrants. Her family moved here 30 years ago, she was born here, was educated in a christian school, and is as American as you and I. She is intelligent, articulate, talented, and beautiful, and I'm sure she'll represent us with grace and integrity. This is a non-issue in my mind."

Larsen agrees, saying the negative comments are not surprising, but still unfortunate.

        "When you put yourself out there, you have to know that there's going to be a little bit of that. But I'm sure she's going to put that all behind her and brush it off and move on and continue to serve as Miss America and do a really great job. So I think she'll move on from this and she won't have any problems."

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