Non-Profit School Looking For Help After Robbery

Non-Profit School Looking For Help After Robbery

The Valley Academy for the Arts had it's sound system stolen overnight - Just hours before opening night of The Nutcracker Ballet.
Anne Marie arrived at the Valley Academy of the Arts ready for one final day of preparation... Instead, she found that thieves had stolen four seperate sound systems from the building.

        "My first thought was 'wow, how are we going to teach?"

Robbers used a crow-bar to pry open the back door of the school, before ransacking the entire studio.

        "Yesterday we had to cancel all classes because it took the police over 7 hours to go through the building," says Marie.

Friday, students practiced without any music

        "I was just really shocked that somebody would steal something from a dance studio," said Student Abbey Berna.

Her sister was equally surprised.

        "It feels like I've been stolen from," said Emmie Berna. "Because the dance studio is basically a family for me, so when you take from one of my family emmbers it just feels really bad."

Saturday night's performance of The Nutcracker is at a separate venue - But practicing for the show has become a challenge.

        "It's really weird," said Berna. "It feels empty kind of."

But the students have kept a positive attitude. They say sound sound system or not - The show must go on.

        "I don't think it's going to change anything," said Berna. "Because we're still going to do it and it's still going to be good."

Marie agreesm saying "The music won't stop - even though they took it away."

The school is asking for temporary donations of any sound equipment people might have available.

If you'd like to help, you can contact the school at (920) 279-1578 or at www.ValleyAcademyArts.Org

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