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OWI Task Force watches over Green Bay streets

OWI forces were out on Sunday

Green Bay, Wis. (WFRV) - Some Packers fans celebrated the big win today with food, cheers and plenty of beer. And for those who were drinking, the OWI tasks force advised them to plan their ride home in advance.

At least two OWI arrests were made Sunday. Officers and Department of Transportaion officials alike said that they don't mind people having a good time, they just want them to find safer ways to get back home.

Some Packers fans played a round of pregame rock-paper-scissors to figure out who would be their designated driver. While others just rented a bus.

The cost of an OWI ticket for first time offenders is between $150 to $300. Those high prices may have some rethinking the small taxi fare the next time around.

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