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Police release new details in Green Bay murder-suicide

Investigators say April Veraghen left a note detailing recent difficulties in her life before killing her 9 year-old son, then herself
GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) - The bodies of April and Damien Veraghen were found in the living room of their west side apartment on Tuesday morning after a family advocate called police worried for their well being.

"There were people that had contact with April the night before," said Lt. Chad Ramos.

Damien was autistic and suffered from epilepsy. According to autopsy results, he was suffocated. April died from a combination of prescription medication and suffocation.

"April left a note behind that discussed difficulties in her life," explained Lt. Ramos. "That also assisted in the investigation into putting together some of the pieces of the puzzle, if you will."

"It's devastating," said Tana Koss, program director for Brown County Family Services."I think it's all the more important that we get the message out that there are resources and support available in our community."

Koss said the Crisis Center assists about 300 people every month who need help dealing with difficult situations.

"I think the most important is being available to listen and really hear how a person is feeling," she added. "and then working with them and their family and friends to come up with a plan in which they can keep safe."

The crisis center is available 24/7 at no cost.

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