Rodgers Takes Another Step Forward, Takes Reps With Offense

Rodgers Takes Another Step Forward, Takes Reps With Offense

Aaron Rodgers still hasn't been medically cleared, but that doesn't mean he isn't making progress.
(WFRV-TV) - It's another week of will he, or won't he when it comes to Aaron Rodgers possibly returning to the field for the Packers Sunday.

"The topic of is he playing in the game versus is he medically cleared, they're two totally different issues," Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy said Wednesday.  "Aaron is obviously very important to our organization.  He's the face of our franchise.  Until he is medically cleared, just like any other player  going through a significant injury, that's where the focus will be."

When pressed to elaborate of if he meant Rodgers could be cleared and still not play vs. Dallas, McCarthy declined to go into "hypothetical situations."

Matt Flynn says he and Rodgers don't really chat about the progress of his broken collarbone, but the backup turned starter says he will prepare the same way this week no matter what.

"Kind of the job of being a backup quarterback is being able to go in there and execute when your number is called, and you don't always know when that's going to happen," Flynn said Wednesday.  "I prepare like I'm the guy right now.  Who knows, hopefully Aaron comes back.  It's not fair to myself or my teammates and everybody else if I don't prepare like I'm going to take the first snap on Sunday."

While McCarthy and Flynn didn't directly answer questions about if Rodgers was able to do more Wednesday than last week, tight end Andrew Quarless did.  Quarless said Rodgers took some reps with the first-team offense for the first time since returning to practice from the broken collarbone.

"12 looked really good today," said Quarless.  "It was good to see him out there really working with the offense.  He was out there before, but wasn't working as much with the offense.  Today he took some offensive reps which is a great thing for the team, definitely."

Of course, taking some snaps with the offense doesn't mean he will be starting in Dallas, but it is a step forward.

 "12 is our leader man, it would be great to get him back," added Quarless.  "But Flynn has to really step up and be that guy until that time has come."

"If they tell me Aaron is playing today, tomorrow, Friday, whenever it is that's part of the job," Flynn said about the possibility of not starting moving forward.

After Rodgers admitted to feeling pain last week, the most important thing is not what he did in any single day.  The real question is how he feels after doing more work.

"My interest is to see how he feels tomorrow," McCarthy said.

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