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Snowy conditions has Outagamie Co. Airport officials taking plenty of precautions

Monday, a plane in Dane County skidded off the ice

GREENVILLE, Wis. (WFRV)-- Frigid temperatures, snow, and ice can make winter air travel in Wisconsin difficult.

“We are continually monitoring the conditions," said Outagamie Co. Airport Director,  Abe Weber.

Monday-- winter weather caused a plane to skid off the runway when it was taxing at Dane County Regional Airport. 

No one was hurt but airport officials in our area say they take every precaution to ensure the runways are safe.

“We do the best we can to make sure any snow or precipitation is cleared away from the runways and taxiways," said Weber.

To help keep runways clear, the airport has three large multi-unit snow plows that scrape away any debris and de-ice the runways.

When bad weather strikes, they have 7 crews that work in the airfield and they’re on call 24 hours to ensure the runways are safe.

“They have the attitude whatever it takes to ensure the airport remains open," Weber said.

But even the best of equipment can cause delays.

“We got stuck in Chicago but that’s part of travel in Wisconsin," said passenger Cheryl Melsen. 

“I know winter travel is difficult and you’ve got to plan accordingly.  So you always watch the weather," said Tom Melsen.

 Weber said that in the eight years he' worked at the Outagamie County Airport, they've never had a plane skid off the runway


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