Three day cold snap causes several water main breaks in Green Bay

Three day cold snap causes several water main breaks in Green Bay

Cold weather delays repair

GREEN BAY, Wis (WFRV)-- Water soaked roads are a common scene in Green Bay as the third day of frigid temperatures caused several water main breaks.

Green Bay Water Utility Distribution Manager, Paul Pavlik, said  “It puts us on alert.”

Overnight Tuesday into Wednesday, water utility crews were called to six different leaks. 

With only 4 crews it’s hard to keep up with the repairs.


“They determine whether it needs to be fixed immediately or put in a cue or take care of it,” said Pavlik.

Businesses on Hurlburt Street and Bylsby Avenue were without water for several hours Wednesday afternoon as crews worked to fix the break. 

But these frigid temperatures make it hard them repair. 

Pavlik, said, “We probably have about 4’ of frost on the road so that makes it hard to dig through.  Equipment doesn’t want to run as well as it does when it’s 70 degrees out so that’s hard.”

Jobs like the one near the Pulliam Plant can cost the city of Green Bay up to $6,000

“We have a considerable reserve fund for unexpected emergencies,” said Pavlik.

Water was restored after an hour to residents on Wood Lane and West Point as well as homes on Chicago Street and Bellevue Street.



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