Truck breaks through ice on Lake Winnebago

Truck breaks through ice on Lake Winnebago

No one hurt
OSHKOSH, Wis (WFRV)- Drivers on Lake Winnebago are being warned to check the ice near the shore after a truck broke through this morning.

 “I was in fear for my life.”

Keif Shaw’s tree trimming truck broke through the ice near Indian point in Lake Winnebago in the town of Oshkosh around 9:30 a.m. Thursday.

 “I just wanted to get out my open window as quick as possible,” he said.

In the five years he’s worked for the tree trimming company he’s never seen anything like this.

 “Usually the ice is pretty decent by the shore but not here,” said Shaw.

Crews drilled a hole in the ice in the middle of the channel to measure how deep it is, they tell us there’s about a 1.5’ of ice.

But over by the truck, the ice was much thinner.

 The reason—the current from a nearby sump pump running into the channel made it difficult to freeze.

 “When it gets this cold weather, everybody thinks the channels are safer but the mouth of the river and the channels everything still aren’t safe,” said Don Herman, who owns “Sunk? Dive and Ice Service,” a company that helps rescue vehicles that go into the ice.

After more than five hours of work, crews were finally able to pull out the truck.

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