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Volunteers give thanks by helping those in need

More than 600 volunteers gathered at Monarch Gardens in Appleton Thursday afternoon to serve Thanksgiving dinners.
APPLETON, Wis. (WFRV) - More than 600 volunteers gathered at Monarch Gardens in Appleton Thursday afternoon  to serve Thanksgiving dinners.

They say the meal is their way of giving thanks by helping those in need.

Barbara Flatt is one of those volunteers.  She has been volunteering on Thanksgiving day for 15 years... Serving turkey dinners to those in need.

"This is my Thanksgiving," she says, "this is what I do. I don't have a family to go to and this is my family"

She joined more than 600 others at Christ for Rock's annual Thanksgiving dinner, Which served up over 3000 meals this afternoon.

"We cooked 180 turkeys, so we've got approximately 3,000 pounds of turkey that we're serving," Event Coordinator Keith Ristow says.

The event serves anyone who wants or needs a meal on thanksgiving. Matt and Shelly Feavel say the generosity is indescribable.

"If it wouldn't be for this meal, we probably wouldn't have anything to eat," Shelly says.

They've been coming to the event for years, giving thanks every time.

"We're grateful that we have all this in our community," Matt says. "And people that do this, it's really great for people like us that can't afford it."

Volunteers like Keith say by helping others, the event is equally rewarding for them.

"The mission is to feed as many people as we can, and we did that."

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