Some residents prepare for arctic blast

Some residents prepare for arctic blast

Some residents in Green Bay get prepared for bitter cold on Monday.

Green Bay, Wis.(WFRV)- Some Green Bay residents spent their Sunday preparing for tomorrow's sub-zero temperatures.

"It's time to get a little bit more gas in the vehicle," said Randy Krull at a Qwik Trip in Green Bay. "Make sure it doesn't get too low before the real cold weather hits."

From topping off the gas tank, to loading up on winter attire, businesses are seeing a boom.

Over at Mills Fleet Farm, hand warmers are a hot commodity and gloves and scarves are being bought up quicker than they are hitting the shelves.

"We are working with our vendors to replenish some of these items," said Scott Paul of Mills Fleet Farm. "But we are running low. Hand warmers, those are nearly gone as well."

And while the cold weather isn't creating a warm fuzzy feeling for some, others - like four college buddies - are thankful for the cooler weather. That's because with the drop in temperature, also came a drop in ticket prices to the Packers' postseason game.

"Sixty bucks, you got to go for sixty bucks," said Billy Mikich.

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