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WFRV-TV Program Announcement...Appleton Parade tonight; NCIS at 12:38am

<p>The Appleton Christmas Parade is scheduled to air tonight on WFRV-TV, moving NCIS to 12:38am.</p>

Due to the Appleton Christmas Parade airing tonight on WFRV-TV, the normally scheduled Tuesday evening program "NCIS" will air in its entirety beginning at 12:38am ct (Wednesday 11/21) on WFRV.

Watch the video containing Local 5 First News' interview of Appleton Christmas Parade's Harvey Sampson.

You can also catch up on past episodes of NCIS anytime from your computer at WeAreGreenBay.com!  Click "Entertainment" at the top of the page, then "Watch CBS Shows".  Or visit this direct link:  http://wearegreenbay.com/entertainment/watch-cbs-shows

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