What Doctors say you should'nt do this winter season

What Doctors say you should'nt do this winter season

Doctors say over-exhertion is a major threat to your health.
Green Bay, Wis.(WFRV)- It's no secret how much snow Green Bay and the Fox Cities get every winter season, but wind chills and frost biter may not be the biggest threat to your health.

Doctors say over-exertion is quite commong and it's not unusual for there to be a peak in heart attacks during the winter months. Many times it's because people are working too hard, too oftern while trying to shoverl large amounts of snow.

"If someone has any known cardiac problems, they have no business out there stressing themselves," says Dr. Glenn Aldinger of St. Vincent Hospital, "Certainly those of us who are of an age where cardiac problems can manifest themselves with exertion, at the first sign of any shortness of breath or any chest discomfort, they should immediately stop, go inside, rest and of course if the chest pain continues for more than a few minutes they should call 911."

Dr. Aldinger says if you have to work outside, take frequent breaks.

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