DOA Launches OpenBook Wisconsin Website

DOA Launches OpenBook Wisconsin Website

Wisconsin has its first every fiscally transparency website.
The Wisconsin Department of Administration (DOA) announces the launch of its beta version of the OpenBook Wisconsin website, which provides a level of financial openness and transparency never before available to Wisconsin taxpayers. The website includes the operating expenditure data for state agencies, the legislature, the courts, and the University of Wisconsin System. OpenBook Wisconsin includes the amount paid for purchasing goods or services, travel, and vendor payments.

“This website is part of this Administration’s on-going commitment to making state government more transparent for the citizens of Wisconsin,” said DOA Deputy Secretary Chris Schoenherr. “With more than 25 million entries in the website, we are taking a dynamic approach to transparency and providing greater access to information about how taxpayer money is being spent than has ever been provided before.”

The website data is updated every two weeks from the state’s accounting system, and provides data detail similar to a credit card statement. This first phase of the OpenBook Wisconsin website includes operation expenditures for state agencies, the legislature, and the courts. The website database may be searched by vendor, expenditure categories, agency and fiscal year. The site currently contains data about the expenditures made by State Government from fiscal year 2008 through the most current month.

“We are calling this our beta version because it is a work in progress,” said Schoenherr. “In the future, we plan to add salary and fringe benefits paid to state employees, grants awarded, and contracts entered into by state agencies to the website.” As directed by law, the website does not include aids payments to individuals, organizations, and local assistance payments.

 The OpenBook Wisconsin website was added to state law as a transparency tool (part of 2011 Act 32). The data has been reviewed by software programs and personnel to help ensure that confidential information such as social security numbers, home addresses, or home telephone numbers of any employee will not be displayed on the website.

Click here to view the website.

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