A Learning Experience - Hair Styles at Icon Salon

Published 10/10 2013 11:30AM

Updated 10/10 2013 11:35AM

Icon Salon:
No matter when I walk into a salon, I become instantly nervous. I have had many "not so great" experiences at salons and tend to carry that baggage with me. Upon entering Icon Salon, I was fascinated with their décor and "hip" atmosphere. That instantly calmed my nerves. When I knew Alan was getting his hair "done" too, I was feeling even better. As my consultation began, I knew I was in good hands. I am so happy that I went in open-minded; otherwise I would not have learned these things:
-Hair is an art. There are layers upon layers for one updo. It is not finished until your consultant tells you it is. Don't be nervous by what you see in the mirror during the process.
-Hair consultants can work magic! I do not have much hair, but by the time I left the salon, I looked like I had a LOT of thick hair! 
-Products are the potion to the magic. I was amazed by the different products used for one updo! Somehow, some way, they come together and work!
-Trust the person doing your hair. He or she knows what they are doing. If they didn't, they wouldn't be touching your hair!
**Stay open-minded! I never thought I would like, as Alan calls it, a "medallion" in my hair. I had a different vision of my hair, but the consultant took what I said and interpreted in a way that worked!

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