A Learning Experience - Wedding Dress Shopping at Alfa Bridal

Published 09/12 2013 10:59AM

Updated 09/17 2013 08:34AM

Here’s what Nicole from THE WEDDING PARTY learned shopping for a wedding dress at Alfa Bridal:
  • Stay open-minded. I thought I had an exact idea of what I wanted in my head, but allowed myself to be open-minded to options.

  • The bridal consultant knows what she is doing. Jodi had me try on things I NEVER would have pulled for myself. She had a perspective on me that I wasn't able to see myself.

  • Keep the vision of the wedding in mind, but not in the forefront. Although I can picture my wedding day and many of the details of it, I needed to step back and really think about the dress itself. Can I see myself not only partying in the dress, but also walking down the aisle to my best friend?

  • Think about what kind of reaction I want. I knew that I didn't want a big princess dress, but until I tried dresses on, did I figure out why. I want people to have the reaction of "Wow! She is such a beautiful woman!" rather than the "She looks so pretty in that dress!" I want to wear the dress; not the dress wear me.

  • Don't indulge on a 5-course meal before going. Luckily I hadn't eaten dinner yet! Many of the dresses are not made for the average-sized woman. That being said, I wanted to be able to picture how the dress would actually look once it was fitted. Not being stuffed full of food helped me fit into some of those tiny vintage dresses.

  • Don't focus too much on the fit of the dress at the moment. Jodi had to remind me many times that the dress would need to be altered. I needed to picture what the dress would look once it was fit to MY body and not the sample body.

  • There are TONS of different dresses out there...even dresses maid of horse hair! At some point you will have to narrow it down to "the" dress. Don't let yourself like a dress just because it is very different. Very different isn't for everyone.

  • Go with your gut. The dress I loved during the first session was also the dress I loved during the second session.  When you find the one you love and nothing else compares to that, then that's when you know you've found the right dress to commit to. Nicole

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