A Learning Experience - Wedding Shows with Visuelle Productions

Published 10/21 2013 10:08AM

Updated 10/21 2013 10:11AM

Having been to a Visuelle Productions Bridal Show I knew how beneficial and helpful their shows can be. I was excited for Alan to learn what the show is about and for Sue to motivate him to attend one with me. We learned so much, and I can honestly say that Alan is looking forward to the THE WEDDING PARTY show in November.


Some other things I learned:

·         A Pinterest Board Come to Life-

You can see dresses that are on display from different vendors to generate ideas for your dream dress. You can talk with photographers about your vision and get feedback on how that might translate into the actual photos. I could go on and on about who and what you can get out of a wedding show, but my words wouldn't do a show justice.

·         The Right Connections-

So many vendors come to share their wedding-related services, you can make a lot of connections and even make decisions on some of the vendors you might want to book. We actually met our photographer at a previous Visuelle Productions bridal show. Many of the vendors also offer discounts if you book with them on the day of the bridal show or within a certain timeframe. This can help with the wedding budget, for sure!

·         Contests-

There are lots of fun drawings and contests to enter! Take advantage of this—sign up for everything. Have               whoever’s with you sign up for everything, too.

·         Buzz-

It’s exciting! I enjoyed and look forward to the atmosphere of brides (and grooms) getting geared up for their wedding day. Any time I get the chance to gather ideas for my wedding, I get really excited. And this was another opportunity to do that, so I enjoyed it.

·         Free Stuff-

Free stuff! I got a ton of goodies from a lot of vendors! Who doesn’t like free stuff?

We are so looking forward to attending Visuelle Productions THE WEDDING PARTY Bridal Show in November. We hope to see you there!

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