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An Interview with Lucky 7 Dog Rescue

An interview with Lucky 7 Dog Rescue
Written by Brooke Leanna

Maddy’s journey into dog rescue started when she took a job at an animal shelter during
college because she missed her dogs back home. And surprisingly enough, she found that she
felt completely at home. So when she came across a Rottweiler that was deemed unadoptable and marked to be euthanized, she refused to believe that should be an option and started searching for ways to get her out of there and into a different organization. And all she was met with was silence or sentiments of regret because their rescues were full. This had sparked a fire in her to start something of her own.

So she reached out to Lola’s Lucky Day in Houston, Texas after seeing a video of some
rottweiler puppies. Asking if she could transfer the litter to her in Wisconsin so she could vet them and
adopt them out of Wisconsin. She was met with a hard no! But Maddy refused to accept it because she knew she could help. So her and a couple of friends drove down to Texas and persisted with the idea that she was taking those puppies back with her. Once Lola’s realized Maddy wasn’t taking no for an answer, they set up a meeting to talk about options. The founder of Lola’s is also from Wisconsin so she agreed to help Maddy get those puppies to Wisconsin. And from there the rest is history.
Lucky 7 was founded to be a resource for other non-profit organizations. When they need help
or placement of an animal, Lucky 7 will transport them into their foster program.
They also take in owner surrenders but first offer the owners resources such as training and
other helpful tools to try and keep that animal in the home first before taking the pet to a rescue.
Lucky 7 Dog Rescue is composed of about 150 volunteers who do anything from pick up
donations to coordinating events to consults with families and their dogs to transporting the
dogs to fostering the dogs.

The organization has bloomed in the last year and she looks forward to adding new members to
the team. People can sign up to volunteer through their website by filling out an application.
Maddy says their application process is pretty relaxed and that seems to work very well for
them. They do background checks and look at animal experience but her main goal is to always be honest and open with her volunteers. She never wants any of her animals to be overwhelmed, just like she never wants any of her team members to be overwhelmed. Maddy is dedicated to working with each family to ensure the best experience possible. Since most dogs being transported into Lucky 7 have been in previous foster homes down in Texas, they have a pretty good idea what kind of personality each dog has.

So she tries her best to place each dog with the appropriate family and what they are ready for.
Each foster family is also equipped with any and all materials they need to foster a dog. So
kennels, food, toys, chews, name it, they will provide it! The biggest fear most people have when it comes to fostering, is the fear that they will want to keep each dog. But I’m here to tell you that it’s much easier than you think! (Despite the fact that two of my dogs are “foster fails” )
Fostering dogs teaches you patience and it warms your heart knowing you helped a family find
their best friend. It is also okay to not treat each dog like part of the family, because they aren’t.
They are on their way to finding their own home and you are just a stepping stone to that final
destination. Be proud of that!

Lucky 7 Dog Rescue runs solely on donations and volunteers. Since they are a fairly new
organization they do not qualify for any funding so donations are their ticket to getting
dogs vetted and transported up here! If you would like to donate to Lucky 7 Dog Rescue, please check out their website and Facebook page for updates on what they need and also for events they hold!
Golrusk is super excited to start this friendship with Lucky 7 Dog Rescue, so look for more
events and information in the near future!

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